Mini Meet West '98, Concours de Mini


Originally, I wasn't planning on going to Mini Meet West. However, a week before the event, my family decided to take advantage of the vacation time on the July 4th week to visit relatives in Vancouver, Canada. We planned the trip so that I would have at least one day to visit Mini Meet West. That day happened to be Tuesday, when Mini Meet West was doing Concours de Mini at Pemberton, which is about 30 km northeast of Whistler. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my Mini to the event - I should plan better next time!

For a more thorough coverage of the event, go to Vancouver Mini Club, the host of Mini Meet West.

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The soft light blue color and the smooth flares on this Mini reminds me of a Custom Hot Rod.

This bumble bee colored modified Mini is from the Oregon Mini Society.

This Clubman Mini isn't your typical fender-flared modified Mini. For starters, the engine is a 4 cylinder twin cam Vauxhall 2.0 litre good for 200+hp. The frame is tubular, designed from the ground up. Although the transmission is now on the side of the engine rather than below it, everything fits. Click here or the image to check out what the engine bay looks like. The owner has told me this Mini is active in racing events, and does particularly well on hillclimbs.

This checkered-roof Mini came all the way from North Carolina. That's a long drive to British Columbia! What's amazing is that the Mini went to Alaska right before Mini Meet West and headed toward Mini Meet East in Boston right after! If Prince of Darkness can't stop this Mini from crossing the continent, what can?

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